“I am very grateful to the Mudra Workshop for the realization of my old dream. I always wanted to have an extended Aegean scale. This instruments gave me a lot opportunities, not only cause of beautiful harmony possibilities, but cause of very special surface quality. As a professional percussion player I use a lot different technics, and for me it is very important that the fingers do not slip on the surface, but rather cling to it. I also happy with the clarity of each note, fundamental and overtones. I wish everyone got such a jewel!” – The surface he mentioned is the AISI 439.

Kirill Osherov

Mudra Handpan have a particularly rich sound and sensitive feel. You can sense the extra care put into each individual note and into the overall vision. A Mudra pan is truly an impeccable work of art and would be an excellent choice for experienced and aspiring players alike!


Site: https://www.adammaalouf.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handpanprofessor

Adam Maalouf

I’ve been a Mudra customer for over two years and I’ve noticed the evolution during this period and the quantum leap that has been taken. The instruments have an absurd quality, crystal-clear and clean timbres, both in sound and aesthetics. The hammering is so precise that it doesn’t even show. The lows are very stable, there are so many possibilities, various scales, instruments with more than 20 notes… Impeccable work!


Instagram: https://instagram.com/nossaflui

Leandro Nossa

As soon as I played my Mudra Handpan for the very first time, I realized that I had in my hands a high quality instrument on the same level as well known makers in Europe. The sound is clear, consistent and velvety, producing beautiful harmonics and wonderful sustain. The instrument is very beautiful, exquisite in the finish and details. The skills, attention and support of maker Rafael also makes all the difference, always responding willingly. Personally, playing with Mudra Mandpan took all of my music work to a next level. I am very glad to have chosen Mudra Handpan!


Site: https://www.graceharteming.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/graceharteming

Grace Harteming

I met Rafael Ortega a few years ago at one of the first Alexandre Lora’s workshops. We were both beginning our journey in this wonderful universe that surrounds the Handpan. He as the builder and creator of Mudra Handpan, becoming a reference in Brazil and me as a musician, becoming a reference for the instrument in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, we have developed a true friendship, as well as wonderful partnerships (for example, Mudra was the company that made my third album possible by providing an instrument for a raffle that was held to raise funds). In addition to all of Rafael’s altruism, I have witnessed the tremendous growth that Mudra has undergone over the years, becoming internationally known and one of the most respected Handpan companies in Brazil. This is the result of very serious work done with a lot of love. Today, I can say that it is an honor to experience this beautiful journey that Mudra is undertaking in search of spreading the Handpan culture in our country, and we continue together on this journey!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/felipehandpan

Felipe Lemos

As a professional musician, it’s an honor to have and play the Mudra Handpan. The instrument is of the highest quality. The producer Rafael and the entire team always think about the smallest details and take care in manufacturing to constantly innovate, whether it’s with high-quality materials, tuning, or challenging scales and notes on the instruments! I recommend that everyone should have the opportunity to know, experience and play the instrument, as it will be a great choice for anyone who acquires it and joins the Mudra family. Regards, musician Phelipe Agnelli.


Site: https://www.phelipeagnelli.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phelipeagnelli

Phelipe Agnelli

Mudra’s work is exceptional, of which I’ve been a fan and admired since it first appeared. I had the opportunity to own one of the brand’s first instruments, which I already enjoyed very much, and now with a personalized and updated handpan, the giant evolution is noticeable. An instrument with a complex layout, with 21 notes containing chromatics, was made with mastery. The final quality, from aesthetics to the smoothness of the edges, is impeccable. The customer service is also very attentive and dedicated. And the sound quality, which is the main point, is very impressive. I recommend Mudra to anyone looking for an extremely high-quality handpan!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miguelpezzuti

Miguel Pezzuti – MPS Instrumentos

Upon receiving my Mudra handpan, I truly cannot see how a handpan could sound any better than this. Their exceptional craftsmanship and great communication makes for an awesome buying experience altogether. This instrument is nothing short of a blessing and my next purchase with Mudra will be a total no brainer.


Links: https://linktr.ee/fourpey

Philippe Perron

I’m glad that I discovered the instruments of Mudra, instruments that gave me the chance to discover and express my inner universe.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/balasa_percussion/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@balasapercussion2474

Gabriel Balasa

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