Depending on the model you choose, it could take from 4 to 9 weeks to build it.

Diameter: 53 cm without the rim or 55 with the rim.

Height: It depends on the model, from 27 cm to 28,5 cm.

Weight: Approximately 4,3 Kg.

We ship all of our instruments with our own custom bag and two helmet protections. It offers a safe and light way to travel.

It depends on a lot of factors, such as how much you play, how hard or soft, how much the instrument travels with you and also on weather variation throughout time.

A well taken care instrument should be in tune for many years. We perform many stability tests during the building process, a lot of really hard hits with sticks and multiple heat treatments. The notes are tuned in a controlled temperature room since they can vary a bit depending on the weather. The material we use and the way we shape also have a great influence on tuning stability. We just ship instruments that are perfectly in tune and that have performed well on all the different stability tests.

We offer free retunes in case you need it, but we don’t cover the shipping expenses in this case.

We have a page dedicated to this, please access Purchasing a Mudra. Click here.

Every Handpan comes with a soft bag, two helmet protections, two microfiber cloths and a PDF file with the instrument information. Since many countries have restrictions with liquid products, we don’t ship protective oil.

We’ve tested many oils and waxes, there are many good products available on the market, however we advise you to use Phoenix Oil.

You can buy Phoenix Oil here:

Yes, we have a 99,8% successful shipping rate, if there are any issues during shipping, we’ll fix the instrument for you or replace it with a new one.

We ship worldwide, so far we’ve shipped more than 100 Instruments to over 30 countries with very rare and minor issues. If for whatever reason restrictions apply to your country, we will advise you in advance as these things can change over time and are out of our control.

Yes, when we ship the instrument, you’ll receive the DHL tracking number, an Invoice and a PDF file with the instrument information.

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We keep our communication only by email, we strive to answer once or twice a day as much as possible from Monday to Friday.

We are in Piracaia City, São Paulo – Brazil.

We can help you in many ways:

  1. Free YouTube Playlist with more than 100 Videos: Click and enjoy!
  2. Master the Handpan:
  3. Handpan Dojo:

The Handpan is a delicate instrument, so it requires some constant care to be well-preserved: 

  • protect it from falls and accidental strikes;
  • do not store your instrument in the bag for more than a few days, it should always be a tool for transport only. When you reach your destination, keep the Handpan in a cool place. (Do not leave it in the closet);
  • keep the instrument out of the reach of children, animals and direct sunlight;
  • to prevent oxidation, always keep the instrument with a thin layer of Phoenix Oil, if you run out or have no option, it’s possible to use coconut oil instead. If you notice it is not oiled, reinforce the oil layer with a microfiber cloth;
  • we recommend cleaning the instrument once every 3 months with isopropyl alcohol and soft-moving microfiber cloth. Then immediately reapply a thin layer of oil; Avoid spraying the alcohol directly on the instrument, preferably apply the liquid on the cloth then clean it;
  • be careful when walking with the instrument on your back, since the bag is wider than most people. You run the risk of knocking it on doors, walls, etc;
  • avoid playing under direct sunlight, especially during warm days. Exposing it to the sun for a long time may affect the tuning and will require a retuning service;
  • the Handpan should only be touched with hands. Drumsticks or other objects may damage the instrument. Please take off  any jewellery such as rings and bracelets as they may scratch the surface of the Steel;
  • the instrument should always be played with soft touches without exceeding a certain limit. When the sound begins to distort / change tonality, that is your cue to decrease the intensity of your hits (be conscious of this!);
  • be careful lending your Handpan to acquaintances. other people may not be as careful as you;
  • avoid touching  the Handpan with wet or really sweaty hands. Be extra careful in extremely humid environments, especially coastal areas as it has salt in the air;
  • after playing, wipe off the sweat left on the instrument with a dry microfiber cloth only.

Note: We offer all technical support and advice for our instruments. The free retuning service is provided free of charge every 2 years, but we stress that some damage is irreversible. Shipping and return costs are the customer’s responsibility.

We can’t speak for all Handpan makers, but for us, there are several reasons that justify the value of our Handpans.

1. We invest heavily in knowledge, tools, and machinery; 

2. Achieving the quality we have today requires intense investment of our time and capital in new experiments. We are constantly dedicated to researching, studying, and investing to continuously improve the quality of our instruments;

3. We pay exclusive attention to each stage of the instrument’s construction, which means we produce a very small quantity; 

4. Our pursuit is always perfection. Instead of producing a large number of Handpans with lower prices and inferior quality, we choose to prioritize a smaller quantity of instruments to ensure that each one possesses the quality and excellence we desire; 

5. The satisfaction of playing one of our instruments is priceless. Delivering the best quality is our mission;

6. Brazil is one of the countries with the highest taxes in the world.