Notes available: D2 to E6.

Since we work with 53 cm diameter shells only, there are some natural interferences due to the diameter we use. These are also called Impedance.

Notes with restrictions: 

  • Eb3 as central Ding, and Bb4 in general are not available. (Which you might see sometimes as D#3 and A#4 respectively elsewhere);
  • F#5 could be implemented as a mutant note only, this note has to be positioned on the central area of the shell and far from the rim;
  • Eb3 can be made as a side note, bottom note or bottom ding, however it may have a little interference on the fifth (which is Bb4);
  • Bb3 may have a little interference on the octave (which is Bb4);
  • D2 and Eb2 Dings are very physically demanding to make, we would like to make more of these models, but it’s not healthy, so we don’t accept orders all the time. If you really want one of these models, please contact us.

We are open to custom models, so feel free to contact us with your scale inquiry.

We don’t have a fixed scale list. There are so many options available, it would take us decades to make a video of each one. However, you can watch some bellow.