Most of your questions may be answered below or on the FAQ link.

Ordering a Mudra Handpan

  • Once you approve it, we ask for a 100 EUR deposit (non-refundable) to save your place on the waitlist. This way we avoid people who are not really committed. This 100 EUR deposit is NOT an extra on the total amount. For example: If you choose a 2300 EUR model, your first payment is 100 EUR and your second payment is 2200 EUR + shipping;
  • We keep our communication only by email, we strive to answer once or twice a day as much as possible from Monday to Friday.

Scales and Models

We don’t have a fixed scale list, so feel free to contact us to order a custom model.

For more information about scales, please click here

Materials / Steel we use

In August 2022 we started using the Mira Shells material, our own Deep Drawn shells for Stainless Steel. This forming method brings a lot of improvements for the general quality of the instrument. Please check the link Mira Shells for more information.

We listed below some general characteristics of each material, although they may be subjective and depend on the building process of each Handpan maker. Our intention is to give you a general understanding to help you with your decision.

  • AISI 430 (1 mm thickness): This is the most common Stainless Steel Grade. It has a very long sustain, bright and warm sound, pronounced attack and looks shinier than the others. Lamination lines are more visible on this material. It feels harder to work with compared to the other materials.

  • AISI 439 (1 mm thickness): If you are looking for a sound in between Stainless Steel and Nitrided Steel, this is the best option for you. It has the ceramic and percussive quality of Nitrided Steel, combined with the long sustain of the Stainless Steel. The volume perception of this material is slightly lower than AISI 430. Its surface is rougher than AISI 430, and there are no lamination lines. This material is softer to work with, so shaping and tuning need to be well done in order to have a good stability on this material.

  • AISI 441 (1 mm thickness): We’ve been testing some different stainless steel alloys lately, and this one has shown outstanding qualities.
    This steel alloy has remarkable versatility and unique properties. Compared to the AISI 430 and 439, it offers the longest sustain, with the ability to adjust it by heating at different temperatures. Renowned for its deep and warm sound, with round shoulder tones. It’s the easiest material to tune and stabilize. It has a matte finish, similar to the AISI 439.
  • Hydroformed Nitrided Steel (1,08 mm thickness): This is the classic material. Very ceramic, warm and short sustain, great for fast and percussive playing. We still have some shells available in stock, we may stop using it once it’s finished.

Waiting List and Building time

The wait time can vary from 3 months to over a year, so please contact us to know our current wait time. 

Building time takes from 4 to 9 weeks depending on the model.

Mudra Bag / Hardcase

We have our own custom bag and two helmet protections. It offers a safe and light way to travel. It’s included with every instrument we ship.

Mudra Price List

  • 2300 EUR for a 9 notes (Ding+8) Handpan;
  • 700 EUR for dings below B2;
  • 150 EUR for each extra note;
  • 250 EUR for each extra bottom ding.


  • D Kurd 18 notes (1 Ding): 2300 EUR + 1350 EUR (9 extra notes) + Shipping.
  • E Amara 20 notes (4 Dings): 2300 EUR + 750 (3 extra Dings) + 1200 (8 extra notes) + Shipping.
  • F2 Low Pygmy 9 notes: 2300 EUR + 700 EUR ( Ding below B2) + Shipping.

Payment Methods

We accept direct bank transfer and PayPal. If you wish to proceed with PayPal there is an extra fee of 6%.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide, so far we’ve shipped more than 100 Instruments to over 30 countries with very rare and minor issues.

Custom Fee

Each country has its own laws about imported goods, and they can change with time. It’s really hard for us to keep track of it. So we advise you to be informed about your country’s rules, taxes and possible restrictions. We are not responsible for issues on this matter, but we can help you as much as we can.

Shipping Cost

Instruments are shipped only by DHL Express.

Prices may vary from 100 EUR to 300 EUR, depending on the country.

Please let us know through the email the City and Country to be shipped, then we can estimate the shipping cost.